Simple, incremental, value-added fresh category consulting services

BSG Partners with vendors to deliver A New Fresh Item Management web-based training program

Smaller independent chains often find it difficult to roll out new  technologies with existing resources.  This is often due to the business process changes necessary while also sustaining store operations.  Typically, there is great  effort spent in the initial project but often not enough effort to ensure long-term sustainable success.  That success can erode over time due to employee turnover, other new projects  focuses or just everyday operational challenges.

Since Fresh Item Management (FIM) is typically rolled out in stages, an infrastructure for repetitive roll-outs is required.  BSG provides that  infrastructure as part of our consulting services and training programs.  Our sustainable training model makes adding more FIM modules easier.  And we can provide sustaining remedial and new policy and procedures training.

"Grocery retailing is an ideal business for web-based, self-paced and self-managed training.  High employee turnover, business complexity, and constantly changing policies, procedures are well suited to e-Learning." Says Jan Dragotta, BSG's VP of Fresh Item Management and  BSG's  e-learning services.

"We provide our clients with a mechanism to  improve roll-out of these new FIM (and other) technologies and can ensure complete training for every employee. Our training programs conform to the latest adult learning methods and conform to Learning Management Systems (LMS) standards for SCORM/ AAIC compliance.


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